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hiQ Labs is the Global Standard for People Analytics. hiQ Labs is fundamentally changing the enterprise workforce by using predictive analytics to make sophisticated employee decisions. hiQ Labs' elite data teams apply data-driven science to the evolution and development of your workforce and individual employees work lives.

Secure Cloud

Your data, stored safely and securely in the cloud. As trusted custodians of your valuable information, we pride ourselves on the level of security we provide.

The Science

We have some of the world's smartest people working at hiQ: Data Scientists, and HR professionals with backgrounds in everything from astrophysics, to economics, marketing and meteorology. All working together to understand and solve your mission-critical problems.

Control Center

Our graphical interface will help you visualize what's going on inside your workforce, allowing you to immediately see and understand your organization’s strengths and pain points – and better manage your people.

It's easy to get started with your pharmaceutical, technology, hospitality... company.

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Public, private or a combination of both, this is the engine that drives our predictive model.

  • Mathematical algorithms never used in HR before allow you to extract new insights.

  • Linking various internal data sources is fast and easy.

  • Public data helps create a holistic view of your entire organization.

  • Regular technology reviews and updates keep our models on the bleeding edge, allowing you to constantly increase the accuracy of predictions.


The best way to understand numbers is to visualize them.

  • Various reporting views allow you to pull more meaning from the data.

  • Our Alert functionality lets you to stay on top of your game and make proactive decisions.

  • Our flexible purchasing platform helps you easily integrate new hiQ products as they are introduced.

  • Quarterly iterations of our product mean the strongest features become even stronger over time.


Stay on the cutting edge of people analytics.