hiQ: Data-Driven Talent Management

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hiQ Labs applies science to public data sources to help business leaders make better people decisions. The hiQ cloud platform is easy to implement and delivers new data, actionable insights, and impactful suggestions for engaging with employees.

The world's most forward-thinking brands rely on hiQ Labs to significantly reduce turnover, increase organizational agility, and answer questions about their workforce, such as:

How do we retain the best and brightest employees? Which employees are being heavily recruited? What are our organization's skills and capabilities gaps? What skills do we need to recruit or develop?

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Change happens fast. Your workforce's online presence is bigger than ever, which means that recruiters and algorithms can easily find your employees. CHROs and business leaders have to be on top of their game to protect and grow talent. hiQ curates public data and fills crucial talent management gaps. Learn more about the impact we can have on your employee retention programs and skills-based workforce planning initiatives.[/fade]

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hiQ Labs released an innovative new analytics solution for retention, and have attracted the top data scientists in Silicon Valley.
— Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, published in Forbes

[fade]What the Judges Said:

"hiQ is an ambitious undertaking. Not many organizations can or will do something similar on their own. It would take too much time, expertise, investment, etc., and the likelihood of being as successful would be very low. 

The firm is thus taking a critical issue -- retention of key talent -- and providing an analytical-based leading indicator of voluntary turnover."  Human Resource Executive[/fade]