Our Commitment to Privacy, Free Speech and Fair Use

We were stunned by LinkedIn’s actions, especially given their longtime familiarity with hiQ’s product and business. I run a company whose very existence is tied to the notion of public data really being equally accessible to all members of the public. LinkedIn’s attempt to wall-off this public information—viewable by anyone with a web browser—is not just a danger to hiQ, but to any company that uses public sources to inform the services they provide.
— Mark Weidick, CEO hiQ Labs

Our Case in the Press


The Legal Timeline



05/23/17: Cease and Desist from LinkedIn



05/31/17: Our Response to LinkedIn



06/22/17: hiQ TRO



06/26/17: LinkedIn Response to TRO


06/29/17: TRO Hearing Transcript


07/20/17: Preliminary Injunction Filings


07/27/17: Hearing Transcripts and Exhibits


08/14/17: hiQ Wins Order Granting Preliminary Injunction



hiQ Council Profile: Laurence Tribe

Laurence Henry Tribe is a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School and the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard University. He also works with the firm Massey & Gail LLP.

Tribe is a scholar of constitutional law and cofounder of American Constitution Society. He is the author of American Constitutional Law (1978), a major treatise in that field, and has argued before the United States Supreme Court 36 times.