hiQ Labs, the Global Standard for People Analytics, Honored to Present on the Giant Ideas Stage at MongoDB World 2016

hiQ Labs creates an open-source framework, QmMap, that works natively with Python and MongoDB to process massive datasets in parallel

NEW YORK, June 27, 2016 -- hiQ Labs takes HR to a new level of data-driven insight and predictive analytics with its core product, leveraging multiple data sources with cutting-edge data science that help companies manage their workforce more effectively.

hiQ Labs' team leaders Dan Miller, CTO, and Silas Barta, Staff Software Engineer, were faced with a challenge; how to help Fortune 100 customers scale their HR business using multiple internal and external data sources. The existing tools available didn't have the capabilities they needed, so they had a Giant Idea to leverage the MongoDB platform to build an application that can process huge datasets quickly and robustly using on-demand compute power.

"We decided to skip the usual path of Oracle/SQL database with Hadoop/Spark as it can be overly complex and expensive, inflexible, and resource-heavy. Instead, we built our own solution directly on MongoDB," said Dan Miller, CTO, hiQ Labs. "This new application, QmMap, created by hiQ Labs, has a simple interface and deployment strategy which enables an agile workflow from R&D code to production pipeline processing at scale and is FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software)."

QmMap perfectly complements MongoDB's strengths regarding low entry cost, minimal learning curve, and the ability to scale up to serious production. "hiQ Labs is honored to be among technology's elite to share QmMap on the Giant Ideas Stage atMongoDB World. This new application allows hiQ Labs to leverage the use of large datasets and machine learning techniques, to predict employee attrition risk and solve critical talent management problems such as mapping skillsets and talent pools within an organization to enable internal mobility and succession planning," said Darren Kaplan, CEO, hiQ Labs.

About hiQ Labs

hiQ Labs is the global standard for People Analytics. By applying data science and machine learning to internal and external data, hiQ Labs helps HR teams make better, more reliable people decisions. Easy to deploy and fast to deliver predictive insights, hiQ Labs' cloud platform transforms how enterprises retain their best talent. The world's most forward thinking brands rely on hiQ Labs to significantly reduce turnover and save millions of dollars in employee attrition.