Turning HR into a Strategic Business Unit

Browse these white papers to learn how data science is disrupting the way organizations interact with and retain their employees. We encourage you to check this page regularly for new content.

Drawing the Line with
Public Web Data

hiQ takes every means necessary to leverage public web data in a way that respects the individual.

Taking A Recruiter's Eye
View of the Firm

Learn about new concepts like "push" and "pull" and how they impact employee attrition.

hiQ's Return on Investment
Data Findings

Understand the emergence and rapid growth of predictive analytics in the HR space.

Social Media's Role In Helping Employees Change Companies

Discover what the opportunity cost of your employees not being found by recruiters means for your business.

How Science is Changing the Nature of M&A

Discover how applying data science to the human capital side of M&A transactions makes them more likely to succeed.

Are Millennials Less Loyal
to their Employers?

Uncover the truth about millennials and their loyalty to their employers.