hiQ was founded to improve HR through data science. 

How can technology stop talent from leaving a company? Why do recruiters often know more about an employee than an employer using their own HR systems? How can data science help HR?

We created a team of top data scientists and engineers, human resources experts, and people analytics leaders from the most respected technology and scientific firms. We worked for over four years to solve for these questions.

hiQ's solution is ushering in a new era of HR technology. Finally, any company can use deep science to better compete in today's competitive environment. To retain the right employees. To get the right employees doing the right work.

Only now is this possible. With recent advancements in data science, rich public datasets, and years of focus on this specific challenge we were able to finally solve it with incredible accuracy. And just in time: competition for talent has never been more fierce and the need for engagement more pressing. This is why household names across industries now consider hiQ the leader in People Analytics, and a competitive imperative.