2018 Pharma Talent Report: 

Focus on Immuno-Oncology Professionals

Insights designed to help companies understand their greatest asset ... their people.

Mark Weidick

CEO, hiQ Labs

"Our goal is the provide best in class insights to help companies drive their workforces to success."

After analyzing over 65,000 public profiles from 10 major pharmaceutical companies, we are pleased to share with you some of our findings.

For example: even beyond their distinctive set of skills, Immuno-Oncology (I-O) professionals represent a unique segment of pharmaceutical workers. They are highly educated, highly connected, and easily found online by external recruiters.

Furthermore, certain pharmaceutical companies are better able to attract and retain I-O professionals in general; others appeal to the subset of young, high-potential I-O researchers.

Finally, the retention risk surrounding a company’s I-O pool is associated with key organization-level outcomes, such as stock growth, but interestingly seems to have little correlation with a CEO's approval rating.

The findings in this report should elicit a sense of urgency regarding your investments in I-O talent. They are nested in a dynamic environment wherein the average employee is switching jobs about every 4 years. Consider the economic impact of hiring and training an I-O professional only to see them leave after a few years – what is that ROI to you?

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