Episode 009: A Discussion of Big Data and Inclusionary Practices

Zev Eigen and Ryan Hammond: A Discussion of Big Data and Inclusionary Practices
Host: Michael Housman, PhD

Zev Eigen, Littler Mendelson's Global Director of Data Analytics, has an unusual background in that he is both an employment attorney and also a data scientist. As such, he's in a unique position to talk about some of the opportunities and the risks posed by some of the cutting edge data science techniques that are increasingly being applied to the workforce.  He joins us on the podcast along with hiQ's very own Head of People Analytics - Ryan Hammond - to have a fun discussion about cognitive biases, the best way to present technical work to lay people, and even some of the work that his new venture - Cherry Tree - is doing to de-stigmatize those with criminal backgrounds and help get them back into the workforce.  Learn about how big data can be a force for good.