Episode 011: A Conversation with the Founder of Edelman & Associates

Paul Edelman
A Conversation with the Founder of Edelman & Associates
Host: Michael Housman, Ph

Paul Edelman is the managing director and founder of Edelman and Associates - a boutique recruiting company that focuses on people analytics teams - but he's far from your ordinary recruiter.  He has an undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT, a PhD in Psychology from Harvard, and over 25 years experience in the space. He joins us on the podcast to talk about his work, trends he sees in the field, and the conversation even veers a bit towards some interesting ideas in cognitive psychology. Even people analytics teams have to think analytically about how to hire and recruit their own talent, and Paul offers up some invaluable tips about how to build your team, the things you should be thinking about, and the importance of the individual vs. the team when it comes to finding the right fit.  It's a fascinating conversation that every CEO, CHRO, and Director of People Analytics should listen to before making their next people analytics hire.

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