Episode 001: Is Software Better at Managing People Than You Are?

Panel Discussion from hiQ Elevate NYC May 2016
Host: Michael Housman, PhD

Fortune magazine published an article in March 2016 entitled: "Is Software Better at Managing People Than You Are?" The title is meant to be provocative, but it does force us to wonder what role data and algorithms has in developing and managing talent. At the May 2016 Elevate conference in New York City, moderator Michael Housman, PhD had the pleasure of hosting a panel with three people analytics leaders - James Gallman (GE), Ryan Hammond, PhD (hiQ Labs),  and Emilie Thomas (The Hershey Company) - two of which were quoted in the article. In this recording of the panel, we learn more about their views on the space, the proper role of data / analytics, and how they think about implementing this philosophy within their own organizations. It's an outstanding conversation with a cameo from Josh Bersin that's worth a listen.