Episode 015: Panel Discussion: The Future of Work

Panel Discussion: The Future of Work
The Business Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Artificial intelligence is the hot topic that everyone's talking about these days, but the term itself is very broad and it touches on predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and even robotics.  Regardless of how it's defined, one thing is certain - it's making its way into the workplace through hundreds of different applications, tools, and technologies that people analytics teams can use to leverage the power of data science.  For the October 2016 hiQ Elevate conference in Santa Clara, hiQ put together a star-studded panel of industry leaders with different areas of expertise:

Ian O'Keefe, Global People Analytics Leader, JP Morgan
Al Adamsen, Founder & Executive Director, Talent Strategy Institute
Garry Mathiason, Partner, Littler Mendelson

The three panelists talked about the future of artificial intelligence in the workplace, how companies are utilizing these tools right now to make an impact on their ROI, and some of the risks that are present with respect to the contract that exists between employee and employer.  It's a fascinating conversation that provides a glimpse into the future of HR.