Episode 018: Skill Mapper - Exploring Your Organization’s Hidden Talents

Skill Mapper - Exploring Your Organization’s Hidden Talents
Host: Matt DeSantis

Wondering what the future of workforce planning looks like? Interested in exploring the full scope of your organization's skills? Host Matt DeSantis catches up with the folks behind hiQ Labs' latest workforce planning product, Skill Mapper, in an in-depth look at a tool that is helping to answer these questions.

First, Amelia Barker, hiQ's Director of Customer Success joins the podcast to chat about her experience as an HR practitioner/consultant and the way that talent acquisition and workforce planning has changed over the past decade. Then, we take a trip back to Elevate Santa Clara to hear hiQ Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Genevieve Graves discuss the challenges that many companies currently face when trying to build workforce and succession plans. Finally, hiQ People Analytics Team member Ben Teusch joins the conversation to breakdown how (and why) such products are getting built.