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Episode 014: A Conversation with Susan Biancani, Data Scientist, People Analytics at Airbnb

Speaking to Michael Housman from the 2016 Elevation awards, Susan Biancani talks more about Airbnb's inclusion and diversity efforts, their strong focus on transparency when it comes to reporting these numbers, and the unique culture that Airbnb believes starts with their employees and radiates outwards to their customers.  

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Episode 009: A Discussion of Big Data and Inclusionary Practices

Zev Eigen, Littler Mendelson's Global Director of Data Analytics, has an unusual background in that he is both an employment attorney and also a data scientist. As such, he's in a unique position to talk about some of the opportunities and the risks posed by some of the cutting edge data science techniques that are increasingly being applied to the workforce. 

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Episode 005: A Conversation with The Wharton School's George W. Taylor

Dr. Peter Cappelli (one of HR Magazine's Top 5 influencers in management) joins us on the podcast to talk about how the interesting topics in HR research have evolved over the year, the emergence of people analytics, and the fact that interest in these topics seems to be cyclical.

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