What is the business impact of a “brain drain” on your organization? 

Losing critical talent is painful for organizations. Talent management leaders want to move from “brain drain” to “brain circulation” – promoting internal mobility of top talent instead of losing that talent to competitors.

But, how well does your organization know what skills it’s losing when employees leave?    How up-to-date are your employees’ talent profiles in your performance management system? How are critical skills distributed across your organization - are they siloed or connected?

Sign up for our webinar and learn how hiQ helps talent management and workforce planning leaders like you look across your organizations to understand the full scope of your employees' skills. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How to provide your Talent Management Team with up-to-date skills data when your employees don’t update their internal talent profiles
  • Help recruiters become more strategic and holistic in identifying internal talent
  • How to integrate skills data in thinking about your talent across their entire lifecycle

How HR is Using Data & Analytics to Shift from a Cost Center to a Predictive Business Partner

Join us to discuss how data and analytics can help you empower HR to become a strategic partner in the business.

Available On-Demand
Duration: 30 Minutes
Q & A: 15 Minutes

Although HR has traditionally been viewed as a cost center in most organizations, that is rapidly changing.  In today’s service-based economy, a company's human capital is its most strategic asset. That’s why the most advanced companies are making big investments in HR technology and advanced analytics to better understand the drivers of retention, performance, and engagement.

You'll hear from people analytics leaders within industry-leading companies and discover:

  • How HR leaders are using data to make a greater impact on employee retention
  • What HR leaders can expect from business leaders in response to new insights into root causes of attrition, employee flight risk, and engagement drivers
  • How new advances in data science and analytics integrate with existing HR systems and processes

Identify Which Reps Will Leave Next Quarter

Join us for a 20 minute webinar to learn how sales leaders are using new strategies to stop regrettable turnover

Available On-Demand
Duration: 20 Minutes
Q & A: 10 Minutes

Social selling is on the rise, but it has a flip side. Sales professionals that were previously known only in focused communities are developing their own brands are more easily poached by recruiters. How do we promote social selling and prevent our top performers from being recruited out of our organization?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to encourage social selling while consistently tracking engagement signals at scale—especially in multi-layered teams
  • How to recognize when and where retention is a problem
  • The role of data science and analytics in separating noise from facts
  • How to establish a data model that works for your business